Feature & Follow #4


Feature and Follow #4

This meme is brought to you by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  Congrats to Kathryns Inbox and Megz Madd Readz for being the featured blogs for this week.

For this meme, you can follow me however you’d like.  Whatever makes you come back a second time!  Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to follow you back.

What is a book you didn’t like that all your friends raved about or what book did you love that wasn’t popular?

There are SO many books that I just didn’t get.  I didn’t like Fifty Shades of Gray.  I didn’t like ANY of the Twilight series, even though I read all four.  I didn’t like City of Bones, and yet my friend STILL somehow convinced me to buy the sequel.  I should stop listening to their recommendations, since I’m not a fan of romances or asshole/possessive male characters.

I think it’s actually much easier to tell you what books that did live up to the hype – Harry Potter and Divergent.

The book that I really enjoyed that most people hated was Shimmer of Angels.  People thought that the situation was unbelievable and the men of the love triangle not consistent.  I thought that it was a fun, compelling read about a girl who sees angels but can’t admit to it.  I had a fear when I was younger of being locked inside of a mental institution so maybe I just relate to her in a way most readers don’t.

What recommended book did you not like?

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  1. Hopping through. I agree that HP definitely lives up to the hype. Divergent too – I was surprised at how good it was.
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    • I literally had dozens of people raving about HP before I gave it a shot. I think it was when the 5th book came out. IT WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING. Why can’t all the other books be THAT awesome? I’d never leave my room ever again if any book was as awesome as HP.

  2. I love HP and Divergent!!

    My FF
    New follower via NetworkedBlogs! :D


    • Divergent. Man, I totally was expecting to be let down and it kept surprising me from start to finish. I really need to get off my bum and write the review for it.

  3. I haven’t read the book you’ve mentioned about the angels, but I’m going to look it up. Have a great weekend!

  4. I loved reading Divergent. I still have to read Insurgent.

    Old Networked Blogs Follower


    • Same, I’m trying to find INSURGENT on sale, since it’s still a little pricey. I hate paying full price (unless it’s signed. :D )

  5. Harry Potter is so worth the Hype!.

    New Follower and new to F&F

    • Welcome to F&F! I think I’m a Harry Potter addict for life, although I will NEVER buy Casual Vacancy. It’s blasphemy that J.K. Rowling switched from fantasy to contemporary. She totally tore my heart out.

  6. I have actually resisted HP up until now, but I have bought the books now, and look forward to reading them soon.

    I’m an old Linky follower, here’s my FF post for this week.

    Love your new design, by the way! Parajunkee magic all the way!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • If you don’t love them, you and I are no longer friends. (jk…kinda, haha)

      I’m so psyched with my new design. Rachel did an amazing job. :)

    • I hope you love HP! Those books just sucked me in, lol. I finally convinced my daughter to read them a little over a year ago, and she read one right after the other. She’s in fourth grade this year and reads at a junior high level. Sorry, I just have to brag, lol! :D

  7. Harry Potter <3

    I like your blog design! New follower :D
    FF – Mel@thedailyprophecy.

    • It feels like I switch up my design every six months. I’ve been itching to get this one done and since my blogiversary is next month, this is my “treat” to myself for a year at this. I can’t recommend Parajunkee enough. She was great to work with. :)

  8. I’m right with ya on Twilight, and I won’t even read 50 shades… seeing as it’s Twilight fanfic 0_0


    • Well….I’m not sure if I read enough of 50 Shades to say that I ‘read’ it. It was an easy decision to DNF it, LOL.

      • LOL, yeah, I read excerpts from it online and the writing was just awful, so I passed on that even before I’d heard it was Twilight Fanfic.

  9. Firstly I love your blog design, saw it featured at Parajunkee :D Rachel creates so many fantastic blogs and yours is just as usual…amazing!

    Shimmer of Angels is one of my TBR from Netgalley so will be reading that shortly.
    Here’s my Feature & Follow Friday post.

    Have a great weekend!

    • I can’t wait to check out your review of Shimmer of Angels. I’m curious to see if you love or hate it. :)

  10. Divergent = yay! City of Bones = boo. Never understood the hype with that series. I read through book four and still give it a hearty meh.

    And 50 shades? Total non-booky ignorance. Or mass hysteria, it’s the only way I can explain that one.

    Thanks for stopping by (and leaving a lolz).

    Following via something

  11. Christian Grey is, um, very possessive. And he kept getting more so as the series evolved. So I hope for your sake you stopped at book one, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by. New follower :)

  12. When I first read Twilight I liked it, but then after reading New Moon and Eclipse I fell out of love. By the time Breaking Dawn rolled around I was done. I do admit to liking/loving The Mortal Instruments. I just am not sure if I’ll be happy with book 6. Book four was a disaster. Book 5 gave me hope the series could be salvaged. We’ll see.

    • Breaking Dawn was just awful. It was dangerously close to a DNF for me. I’m too OCD to not finish a book once I start, though I think I should stop doing that. There are so many books I want to read, and life’s so short.

  13. I wasn’t a fan of Fifty Shades either.
    I’m a new Linky follower, here’s my FF at Rookie Romance

  14. Hi, I’m an oldish follower. :D

    I don’t get the whole Fifty Shades thing, either. I’ve only read the first one, and my friend really wants me to finish the trilogy. But if I read “my inner goddess” one more time…I’ll scream!! lol

  15. I love your blog! its so pretty :D
    Here is the link to my feature follow; please follow me!:
    - Your newest follower!

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