Day 5 – Worst Book of 2013


{Day 5} WORST BOOK OF 2013

Easy, easy, easy decision.  I had quite a few DNFs in 2013, but only one book that absolutely infuriated me.  The only reason I finished reading this book is because I DNF another book and didn’t want to have two DNFs in one week.  It’s the principle.  I decided to read SWANS & KLONS because I like supporting books that feature gay/lesbian main characters whenever possible.

But this book…

It tries to conquer sensitive topics like slavery and feminism, yet its characters are too politically correct to fully commit to their personalities.  Even the romance seems half-assed.  I don’t think I’ve ever read about characters with less personality and less enthusiasm about life-changing events.

Then, the sole male of the book has the IQ of a monkey.  I might have my man hating days too…but this is a little extreme.  The negative views on pregnancy are mind-blowing.  I’m still dumbfounded by how many things in this book just made me want to strangle a feminist.  There was not one thing in this book that made me sympathetic to women’s plight or suffrage or anything like that.  It quite frankly could give guys the right to say, “hey, look how fucked the world would be if we weren’t around” which is the exact OPPOSITE thing a L/G book should be doing.


Swans & Klons by Nora Olsen

YA L/G Dystopian

What does it take to survive in a world built on lies?

Sixteen-year-old Rubric loves her pampered life in the Academy dormitory. She’s dating Salmon Jo, a brilliant and unpredictable girl. In their all-female world, non-human slaves called Klons do all the work. But when Rubric and Salmon Jo break into the laboratory where human and Klon babies are grown in vats, they uncover a terrifying secret that tears their idyllic world apart.

Their friends won’t believe them, and their teachers won’t help them. The Doctors who rule Society want to silence Rubric and Salmon Jo. The two girls must flee for their lives. As they face the unthinkable, the only thing they have left to believe in is their love for each other.

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  1. Your worst book of 2013 sounds as bad as mine was! Hopefully this year will have better book choices for both of us! :)
    Farhana recently posted…Worst Book of 2013My Profile

  2. That sounds like a very strange book. I think the idea of is very good but it sounds like the execution wasn’t all that great.
    April recently posted…New Year’s Challenge Day 5My Profile

  3. An overly feminist book then eh? Sounds as bad as mine… Hopefully you won’t run into anymore like it this year.

    Worst Book of 2013
    Kristen H. recently posted…Book Review: Sleeping Beauty’s DaughtersMy Profile

  4. Um, I probably would have to at least fail this author on character names alone. Salmon Jo? Really? I think from now on all authors looking to write futuristic novels need to seek Twitter approval before naming characters.
    Kate- Midnight Book Girl recently posted…In Bed With Unravel MeMy Profile

  5. “Then, the sole male of the book has the IQ of a monkey.” I laughed outloud! Great review of a bad book. Here’s to better books in 2014. Cheers!
    Terri M. LeBlanc recently posted…Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: Day 5My Profile

  6. Oh my….I never even heard of this book and I’m sorry you read it…

  7. Ooooh this sounds like a doozy! Sorry it was so bad, but may all your 2014 reads be better!
    Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books recently posted…BB New Years Challenge * Best BookMy Profile

  8. I haven’t actually heard of this book, but now I know to avoid it. I can see a book like that pushing me over the edge. I don’t think I could have finished, second DNF in a week or not! Too bad :(
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…WIR | Dark Lover by J R Ward (part 1)My Profile

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