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book playlist meme this is your song

Welcome to This is YOUR song, a book meme hosted by Lizzy’s Dark Fiction.  Meme name is inspired by the Elton John song.  Here, I find that perfect song to fit some of the most popular books. I’ll pick 5 books from different genres or age groups and match them with the song that I think describes the book the best.

#1 –  Animal Farm  |  The Giving Tree  |  Christ the Lord:  Out of Egypt  |  New Moon  |  Shatter Me

#2 - Slammed  |  50 Shades of Grey  |  Alice in Zombieland  |  Revealing Eden  |  Cinder

#3 - Everneath  |  Hunger Games  |  Noughts and Crosses  |  Eve Hallows  |  Anna Dressed in Blood 

#4 – My Dead Friend Sarah  |  Wicked  |  The Faults in Our Stars  |  Queen of the Damned  |  The Color of Snow