Author Interviews

author interview ten 10 things

Welcome to 10 Things You’re Too Scared To Ask, the author interviews for Lizzy’s Dark Fiction.  If you’re an author and interested in answering questions most reviewers are too scared to ask, then email me at lizzylessard (at) gmail (dot) com.  If I think your answers are the best of the batch, then I’ll pay for a giveaway of your book.  Even if you don’t win, if you’re willing to host a giveaway, I will post your answers.  But you have to be CREATIVE.  The questions change every month!  Remember, there is NO GENRE RESTRICTION.

#1 Micheal Cargill, author of Underneath

#2 Derrolyn Anderson, author of The Athene Effect

#3 Benjamin Epstein, author of Captive of the Orcs

#4 Dave Ferraro, author of Dark Genesis

#5  Coral Russel, author of Sacrifice