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short story saturday meme book review

Welcome to Short Story Saturday, where I find books 100 pages or less on Amazon that are both self-published/small press published and worth reading, which means you’ll only see mini-reviews of 3 stars and up on this feature!

If you know of an awesome short story (can be your own), send me an email.  If I like it, then I’ll post it on Short Story Saturday.

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book playlist meme this is your song

Welcome to This is YOUR song, a book meme hosted by Lizzy’s Dark Fiction.  Meme name is inspired by the Elton John song.  Here, I find that perfect song to fit some of the most popular books. I’ll pick 5 books from different genres or age groups and match them with the song that I think describes the book the best.

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author interview ten 10 things

Welcome to 10 Things You’re Too Scared To Ask, the author interviews for Lizzy’s Dark Fiction.  If you’re an author and interested in answering questions most reviewers are too scared to ask, then email me at lizzylessard (at) gmail (dot) com.  If I think your answers are the best of the batch, then I’ll pay for a giveaway of your book.  Even if you don’t win, if you’re willing to host a giveaway, I will post your answers.  But you have to be CREATIVE.  The questions change every month!  Remember, there is NO GENRE RESTRICTION.

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